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Full Customized University/Class/Company Ring, Champions/Sport/Game Ring

Customized Class Ring Sport Ring Game Ring, University Ring, Company Silver Ring
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Full Custom Championship Ring Ordering Guideline

If you're looking for a unique one-of-a-kind custom designed ring, you've come to the right site here. Our designers and craftsmen are some of the best in their field and at your disposal. We are ready, willing and able to help you design your special one-of-a-kind custom ring.

Whether you want a ring to recognize a business success, symbolize a sports championship, commemorate a scholastic achievement, honor your military service or for any accomplishment that holds special significance to you - we can custom create a ring just for you according to your exact specifications.

From a simple signet ring to an elaborate diamond studded championship ring - any design is possible. One-of-a-kind custom design work is our specialty. If you can imagine it, our designers can make it reality.

If you don't find the ring you like on our catalog, this section allows you to create a full Custom Championship Ring. This is not about your ideas, it is about making your ideas happen!

Customize your championship ring as easy as below 1,2,3

1. Please send us a sketch of your design or some pictures of the ring and specification to After further communicate and design confirmed,  please place order here accodingly.

2. 3D design of your ring will be sent to you, and any changes of the design can be revised as your request.

3. After you confirm the design, we will start make it for you! Surprise will show you soon !

Full Custom Championship Ring FAQ

  1. Why the full custom ring starting at $479.00, not $184.00?

  2. Each new design requires a mold to match your exact design specifications, we draw 3D design and then print the mockup by 3D printer, this part cost about $295 extra fee for the first ring of your design.

  3. What if I need more than 1 ring of my design? Do you offer any discount?

  4. The first ring is starting at $479, if you need more than 1 ring of your design, below is the discount price for the additional rings.

    QuantityMade by CopperMade by Silver
    1 - 5$215USD$325USD
    6 - 10$200USD$300USD
    11 - 20$185USD$275USD

  5. Although all our ring meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship, we always recommend you to order 1 ring first, this way you can see the turn out of the finished ring first, sometimes improvement work might be needed before quantity production.

  6. How long does it take to process and receive an full custom order?

  7. Once confirm your order and receive your payment, we will start the process(draw 3D design, confirm the design with you, mold the ring with 3D printer etc.), you will receive the finished ring of your design within 30 days, the time depend on the complexity of your design. 

    If you are not satisfied with the 3D design, you will get full refund.


Method 1: Use Paper Strips

What you need

To be able to measure the ring size using a paper strip, you will need the followings:

  • Thin strip of paper

  • Ruler

How to measure

  • Cut a thin strip from the paper

  • Wrap the strip of paper around the finger. Ensure that the paper is placed below the fingerand close enough to your knuckle.

  • Mark the area where the paper strip meets, then use the ruler to measure the distance.

Notes to bear in mind

It is important to note that people will large knuckles will need to slide the ring through the knuckle. So, this should be taken into account when sizing the ring. Also, the size of the finger changes with changes in temperature, physical exercise, weight changes as well as medication.

If you are in doubt about the size, it is always ideal to go a size higher than lower. 

Method 2: Use String

What you need

  • String

  • Ruler

  • pen

How to measure

  • Cut a string that is 6 inches long.

  • Wrap the string around the base of the ring finger, slightly below the knuckle.

  • Use the pen to mark the string where it ends.

  • Lay the string on the ruler with the area marked on your right.

  • The number closest to the pen mark is the ring size in inches.

  • You can use the ring chart below to translate the measurements into a ring size.

Also: If there is no string or paper available, masking tape can be used, a wire or a twist-tie can also be used.

Ring Size Chart for Your Reference

The following chart can be used to determine the ring size. Also bear in thought that rings come in half sizes also. So, the measurements of half rings will fall somewhere in between the whole ring sizes.

Conversion chart for ring sizes
Inside diameterInside circumferenceSizes

Dos and Don'ts About Measuring Ring Size at Home

A ring is a vital investment and thus it is only proper to research extensively before determining a size. There are a few factors that should be considered when it comes to how to measure ring size at home:
  • Avoid measuring fingers in cold weather as the cold causes shrinking.

  • Fingers should be measured in warm temperatures, preferably at the end of the day.

  • If you find that the size comes under two sizes, it is best to go for the larger size.

  • Measure the size three or four times to be sure that the measurements are accurate.

  • Fingers can swell from taking steroid based medication or when pregnant. Thus, adjustments should be made accordingly.

About Our Rings

Our rings are handmade with our skilled workers - All stones are prong set by hand, not glued. We make ring in solid, not hollow. All letters on the ring are deep 3D design.

You can custom your own name & lucky number on the ring by paying extra $30 if your ring is madde by copper or silver. If it is made by gold, customizing name and number is Free !



About Materials

Stones: AAA+ cubic zirconias.

Copper coated with yellow/white gold plating (Default as $184, full custom championship ring default as $479)

925 sterling silver coated with yellow/white gold plating  (+$110)--Please let us know first if you don't want gold plating.

10K (+$2150)

14K Gold (+$2750)

18K Gold (+$3350)

The defaut option is copper, it is safe, strong and stable. The plating on the ring can last a lifetime for collection. we never and ever make ring with cheap jewelry alloy.


About text on the ring

We can customize the name and number on the ring, but please note that changes are not accepted once we start to process your ring.


About custom name and number 


This option allow you to add your name and number outside the ring.  Please follow below instruction to place order and remark name and number ! If your ring is madde by copper or silver, please pay extra $30. If it is made by gold, customizing name and number is Free !

Please note that some original rings don't have number on them, to keep the original design, we won't add custom number for those rings either. if you don't select custom name and number option, the default name and number will be on the ring as the pictures on our website. Below is a sample to help you understand the custom name and number easily.

custom name and number sample






About Packing Box

All the rings will be put into a black wooden box shown as below, and wrap well before ship out. We will make sure every ring is under good proection before you get it!

About shipping and production time


Generally, we ship your order within a week, but if you require name and number/or inside engraving on the ring, it will take about 10 days to complete your order.

Each ring will ship with a wooden ring box, tracking number will be provided after shipment made.


About Payment Terms


Only PAYPAL is accepted.  It is a safty payment way for both seller and buyers.





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